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[SPN-RPF-HET] Comment Meme 001 - General Theme
[Ruby] The Snake in the Garden
lexicale wrote in spn_rpf_het

We're kicking off our brand new SPN and SPN RPF hetfic comm with a commentfic meme. Future commentfic memes will have themes, but this time around it's anything goes, folks. Cracky, kinky, angsty, sweet – it is up to you.

  1. Leave a comment here with your prompt.
  2. Your prompt should focus on at least one male and one female character. Threesomes/moresomes are welcome as long as they are mixed-gender.
  3. Prompts subject lines must be formatted as follows: "REQUEST: Pairing, list of kinks/triggers". Designate ships by '/' and gen pairings marked by '&' or 'and.'

    Example 1:
    REQUEST: Dean & Jo, h/c, mentions of attempted non-con
    Mid/Post-BUaBS - Dean comforts Jo after her encounter with possessed!Sam.
    Example 2:
    REQUEST: Jared/Gen
    Gen's the police officer who keeps writing Jared parking tickets, and Jared's the guy who keeps parking in the wrong place hoping that this time he'll finally get the nerve to ask her out.
  4. Post as many prompts as you like, one prompt per comment. If you have a prompt that can work for multiple pairings, please include all the pairings you'd accept in the prompt. Do not create multiple threads for the same prompt but with different pairings. For example, if your prompt works as either "Jensen/girl!Jared" or "Dean/girl!Sam", just put that in your prompt; do not create two threads.
  5. NO prompts or fills involving characters under twelve years of age in sexual situations, and no prompts or fills involving real individuals presently under the age of eighteen. We will delete posts that break this rule.
  6. Prompts can be as brief or as detailed as you like.
  7. NO SPOILERS FOR UNAIRED EPS. All aired episodes are fair game.
  8. More than one person can fill the same prompt. Anon comments and fills are welcome.
  9. There are no minimum or maximum wordcounts for fills. If your fill is too long for one comment, you're welcome to comment in this post with a link to the fill on your journal.
  10. Prompts can be filled by artwork.
  11. Fill subject lines must be formatted as: "FILLED: Pairing, list of kinks/triggers."
  12. No bashing of real or fictional people or pairings is allowed.
  13. Contact one of the mods if you have a question.
  14. If you notice that your fic is not on the master list after a decent amount of time (say, two days), please PM snickfic. She might have missed it.


FILLED: Ticket Please by morrezela - Gen's the police officer who keeps writing Jared parking tickets, and Jared's the guy who keeps parking in the wrong place hoping that this time he'll finally get the nerve to ask her out.

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spn_rpf_het commentfic meme - questions/comments/concerns

Want to contact a mod about this meme? Drop a comment in this thread!

REQUEST: Pamela&2014!Castiel or Pamela/2014!Castiel


In a magical land where Pamela didn't die and The End 'verse still happens:

Pamela's abilities are awesome when it comes to planning raids, but her blindness isn't exactly an asset in the field. It's just her luck that Castiel breaks his foot and requires babysitting.

I'm leaving it pretty open, but I would love them developing some kind of understanding, even if they can't ever achieve real friendship or forgiveness. But I'd be happy for a writer to take this in whatever direction they want. :)

Request: Dean/girl!Sam, first time, going slow, cunnilingus, multiple orgasms, poss. underage

i want dean and girl!sam's first time. i'd like it to be slow, hot, and loving, with a very attentive, borderline-reverent dean. he's completely focused on sam and what will make stars explode behind her eyelids for her first time (could be first time with him or first time in general, either way). she's special, and he wants her to feel that way.

cue going down on her, kissing all over her body, making her come before he's even inside her, then at least once more when he is.

all of this, of course, drives sam absolutely crazy. she can barely think straight enough to wrap her (mile long, as dean keeps reminding her) legs around dean's waist let alone enough to speak. she's flushed, squirming, a thin sheen of sweat clinging to her skin and being licked off by dean.

basically, i just want girl!sam's first time with dean where he's taking charge and being sweet.

bonus! if he calls her 'sweetheart' at all, i'll melt at your feet.

REQUEST: Sam/Jo or Sam & Jo, hurt/comfort

Just some old-fashioned h/c, please: Jo and Sam patch each other up after a hunt.

Edited at 2012-02-29 02:27 am (UTC)

Request: Girl!Sam/Lucifer, The Cage, non con, mentions of past noncon, and twisted h/c

Request:Girl!Sam/Lucifer, post s5 ep25 but pre s6 ep1.
I'm sick, I know it but, dammit, I just love Samifer in any form because MFEO really was true, even if Lucifer is a bastard.
Any way, I would like a female Sam's time in hell with Lucifer. Obviously I want him to hurt her emotionally and physically but at the same time I would really love it if Lucifer was tender when he hurt Sam. Like, in a way, he doesn't really want to hurt her, but he has to make her see how she made him feel by her betrayal. A little or a lot of gore is up to the author, but I would really like for Sam to go a little crazy from the mixed signals. Hot and cold if you were. ;P

Gen's the police officer who keeps writing Jared parking tickets, and Jared's the guy who keeps parking in the wrong place hoping that this time he'll finally get the nerve to ask her out.

(Yes, this is my example prompt. Because once I come up with a scenario, I immediately want to read it, even if I had no interest in it before!)

FILLED: Ticket Please: Gen/Jared (References to Jensen/Danneel)

Yeah, so I had not business writing this with all my other outstanding commitments. I did it anyway.


Jared is not exactly intimidated by Officer Cortese. She’s five foot nothing and tiny and cute and perfect and adorable. His best friend Jensen tells him that he gets cartoon hearts in his eyes when he talks about her. Of course, Jensen is a grade A bastard who dates a girl so hot that other men have wept in envy. Jensen doesn’t know squat about Jared’s predicament of loneliness.

Jensen’s old and entrenched in his taken ways. He’s all domesticated and practically married. Jared bets that if he went digging for old photos, Jensen would be making sappy heart eyes over Danneel too. Or, you know, doing that pleased, shy, blush-y thing that Jensen does to hide the fact that he’s really a sarcastic jerk on the inside.

But the point is that the best advice Jensen has been able to give Jared is to, “Just ask her out already, you enormous doof.” Danneel at least tried to be helpful. She told him that he needed to not wear plaid, then proceeded to raid Jensen’s closet for something suitable.

Which, yeah, Jared maybe might at some point want to think about the fact that he routinely shares clothes with his best friend. That might not be normal enough for Officer Cortese. She might not enjoy the fact that his best friend’s hot ass girlfriend knows his sizing so well. There could be… complications.

And anyway, despite the nice duds that Danneel had dressed him in, Jared still hasn’t the foggiest clue what to say when Office Cortese pulls up in her adorable little ticket mobile and climbs out to write Jared a not so adorable ticket.

FILLED: Ticket Please: Gen/Jared (References to Jensen/Danneel)

“Hi,” is not the best start to a conversation, but at least it is better than straight up gawking.

Her perfect, cute mouth twitches a little, but it goes downwards instead of up despite Jared putting on his most winning smile.

“Mr. Padalecki,” she greets as her pen scratches across the pad she is holding, “You do realize that chronic parking violations can lead to stiffer penalties. I’m certain we had this conversation already.”

“Yeah, well I… didn’t have your number?” Jared lamely chooses to say.

“My badge number is on each and every ticket that I’ve given you in the past…”

“I mean your number,” Jared interrupts before his brain can inform him that talking back to an officer of the law is a bad idea.

Officer Cortese pulls her shades off her face to look at him with those, big brown eyes of hers. “Excuse me?”

“Umm?” Jared offers; his brain and extensive vocabulary deserting him.

“You’re not serious,” she states.

“Kinda am?” Jared says, hating that everything is coming out like a question.

“Is this some sort of cop fetish thing?” she asks skeptically.

“No, no it’s more of a… You’re cute, you know?”

“You thought I was cute, so you started breaking the law to attract my attention?”

“Well, I mean, when you put it that way…”

“And then, because you couldn’t find the words to say anything, you kept violating these laws to keep meeting with me?”

Jared shrugs.

Officer Cortese arches a perfect, perfect eyebrow at him. “You do know that I passed all of the physical requirements for this job, don’t you? I’m out here because I’m qualified. Just because I’m out on meter maid duty, that doesn’t mean that I’m not going somewhere with my career. I’m an officer of the law.”

“Yeah, but… you’re also cute,” Jared states again.

“All those parking tickets and this is the best you came up with?” she asks.

“You’re also very, umm, your penmanship is nice?” Jared offers.

Officer Cortese flips her ticket pad shut. “Mr. Padalecki, you need to quit violating the law. Cute girls are not a reason to perform illegal acts,” she pauses and sighs in disgust, “I should fine you just for making me sound like my mother.”

“I can make it up to you,” Jared hastens to say.

Officer Cortese’s mouth quirks just a little. “Are you trying to bribe me?”

“No! Absolutely not! I just, I wanted, I thought that maybe we could have dinner, lunch – luncheon! Umm, a bagel and a low fat soy latte,” Jared haltingly offers.

“Not donuts?”

“It is bad manners to offer a girl fattening foods until you’ve dated at least a month,” Jared quotes his mother. Quoting Momma to another woman has never lead him astray except for that one time that he told Missy Blareheart that she was a hussy.

“Well, I want donuts,” Officer Cortese tells him.

Jared’s mouth opens and closes a few times. “Really?”

“And a promise that you won’t continue breaking the law in order to get strange women’s attention,” she continues.

“You’re not strange,” Jared instantly defends her… to herself.

Officer Cortese smirks at him. “That’s what you think.”

Re: FILLED: Ticket Please: Gen/Jared (References to Jensen/Danneel)

THIS! This is just as darling as darling can be. Jared is indeed an enormous doof, and the backstory heckling from Danneel and Jensen crack me up. I love that Gen takes her job seriously, but also that she gives Jared a chance.

Yeah. This is adorable. Thank you!

Re: FILLED: Ticket Please: Gen/Jared (References to Jensen/Danneel)

I'm glad you liked it. :)

Re: FILLED: Ticket Please: Gen/Jared (References to Jensen/Danneel)

This was so so cute and silly. I loved Gen's disdain but also fondness for Jared's utterly ridiculous antics. :D

Re: FILLED: Ticket Please: Gen/Jared (References to Jensen/Danneel)

Thank you! :)

Request: Gen/Jared, age diff, college au, grad student freshman love, art kink

(Fair warning, Lexical got me started on this posting tangent so blame her for the influx of crappy prompts on my part.)
Genevieve is a grad student who needs some extra community service hours, but doesn't want to work at over crouded soup kitchens with everyone else, so she volunteers to be the model for the art department's sketching class. It's only a month long gig, but, she finds out the day of, that it's nude. Gen's no exhibitionist, but she's still a little uncomfortable. She makes it to the second session before she freaks out, mostly because it's a group of horny freshman guys who are only there cause they'll never see a naked girl otherwise. But also because the really tall one with floppy hair looks at her so deeply- like a real artist. Gen is intrigued by Jared and his intensity, so she pursues him. Funny though, he's got this thing for pottery wheels. XD
Basically GenJared schmoop fluff and limes abound. ^_^

Request: 2014!Dean/girl!Sam, time travel, lovehatelovesex, angst

Sam is transported to 2014, where she runs into hardened and bitter Dean. His immediate first response is to stare her down, and he calls her Lucifer, confusing the hell out of Sam. She doesn't understand what's going on or why Dean won't believe her when she says that she's not Lucifer, damn it, stop calling me that.

Somehow, she convinces Dean otherwise (mebs she gets seriously injured in an ambush. idk, something that wouldn't happen to Lucifer), and he decides he has to kill her. To keep all this from happening again, he's got to kill his baby sister.

But he can't. He just... can't. Cas offers to do the job for him--then tries to kill Sam anyway, when Dean refuses his offer. Sam survives/is saved by Dean, but this threatens Dean's place as the leader of their little group of humans. They don't know if they can trust him.

And for good reason, because Dean can't even trust himself. He knows what's going to happen if he doesn't kill Sam, but instead of killing her, he's fucking her like they're teenagers again, like before Sam had up and run off to college.

Dean just can't kill Sam. But he can't love her either. He can't.

Sam realizes that Dean's falling apart at the seams, realizes that she did this to him, and now she's got to fix it.

She's got to defeat Lucifer.

Happy ending please ;u;

REQUEST: Jared/Gen, crack concept

Long prompt is long! But feel free to take/leave whatever details.

Jared is cursed to be a Disney princess. Woodland creatures follow him around, he sings and dances without meaning to, he makes pumpkins grow, and sometimes he blacks out only to discover that he's constructed sculptures of his dream prince out of found objects. He turns his stepmother evil if he gets within 100 yards, he acts cheerful all the time even when he's not, etc.

Because this is the real world (sorta), he's unfit to hold down a job, everyone thinks he's crazy, and he's been arrested several times for the unlawful possession of endangered and/or illegal wildlife. And so on and so on. Basically, he's a real person forced to act and live like a cartoon. He only gets to be himself for a couple hours at night (like, from 8 p.m. to 12 a.m., at which point the curse starts up again).

Gen moves in next door, and it's not love at first sight–for that, she'd need some kind of white steed and possibly a sword–but they manage to strike up a friendship, even though Gen thinks he's hella eccentric/possibly unstable, in a harmless kind of way. I would love it if Jared has to get someone to love him in a real, non-idealized, non-Disney, partnership kind of way to break the curse, but mostly I just want Jared forced to act like a cartoon princess and hating it.

Re: REQUEST: Jared/Gen, crack concept

I want this SO VERY MUCH. *pines*

REQUEST: Sam/Ruby 2.0/Dean threesome-ish, girl!Sam (and man!Ruby) are optional

Demons aren't meant to love, but sometimes they do, and it's as deep and fierce as the pits of Hell. Siblings aren't supposed to love each other in that way, but maybe that's because that deep connection of souls wasn't a burden meant for just any human.

And the one being in the middle of these two great loves is Sam Winchester.

Mostly, they make it work. Ruby's clumsy, confused attempts to show her devotion are disastrous on most days and almost gruesome on others. And Sam and Dean have been so close all of their lives that Sam hardly knows where he ends and Dean begins and he's seriously beginning to think that he can hear Dean's voice in his head. Soul mates or not, the whole hearing thoughts thing is definitely not normal.

On top of that, Dean thinks he's a guard dog who must protect Sam from The Evil Demoness Out To Steal Sammy's Heart. Ruby's not much better, pushing Dean away so "the moron won't get Sam killed".

OK, so. Mostly Sam makes it work. But finding out a way to make their dysfunctionality functional is worth it.

Because caught between Hell and sin, Sam finally finds his heaven.

(--> Everything is totally up to the author. Sam can be a girl, Ruby can be a man. Sam and Dean can have an actual sexual relationship or it can be Epic Love Story with Sexy!Ruby. Or something else.)

Request: Dean/girl!Sam/Cas, Sam-focused, pwp

...can I get some PWP? ;u;

Honestly, I just want some Dean/girl!Sam/Cas sexing where the focus is almost exclusively on Sam. The boys can kiss, but they aren't really into fucking each other. They're into Sam.

And, you know, they both love her and she loves them both.

I'm... pretty much up for anything with that, though I'd like to special request that Dean get to actually fuck Sam at some point, rather than just getting a blowjob or something.

Request: Jo/Castiel wing!fic

Just what it says.

Re: Request: Jo/Castiel wing!fic

I think I need to write something for this.

Edit: would OP mind terribly if fic ended up more on the gen end of the shippy scale? Like, more unrequited/unconsumated rather than actual shippiness?

Edited at 2012-02-29 06:11 pm (UTC)

Re: Request: Jo/Castiel wing!fic

OP here (because I suppose there is no point in pretending).

Gen/unrequited/unconsummated is definitely fine by me. :D

REQUEST: Castiel & Jo, anything really!

I don't even need any sort of romantic or sexual contact (though I wouldn't mind it), I am just fascinated by them being friendly. I think a lot of people look down on Jo, but Castiel wouldn't, and I love the potential in that. Could be during "Abandon All Hope" or something totally AR.


Jo's pretty pissed to learn that she's just a supporting character in the lives of Sam and Dean Winchester. She takes it up with Chuck.

Request: alpha!Dean/girl!omega!Sam, werewolves, impreg, schmoop

...what it says on the tin X)

Basically, I just want some alpha!Dean loving that omega!Sam is pregnant with their first litter. He loves the way her body looks filled with his pups, the way she glows now, more beautiful than she's ever been before.

Sam calls him ridiculous and silly when he gets all doe-eyed at her, but she secretly preens under the compliments and the love from her alpha.

Someone write me a fic for this piiiiic~? Pretty please?! I want knight!Sam and peasant!Ruby~! >3<

REQUEST: alpha!Jess/omega!Sam, A/B/O style set up, potential mpreg

Sam knew, obviously, that there was going to be a fight when he left for college. There was no way his dad and brother were going to take it well. He just didn't expect to get kicked out. Still, he wasn't going to back down. He might have been omega, and that came with certain assumptions, but he knew what he wanted, and he went to college.

Even so, he misses his family, misses the bond he shared with them. Omegas don't do so well on their own, but Sam is strong and stubborn and he weathers it the best he can.

Two years later, cue meeting alpha!Jess. Sam's always preferred female alphas to male ones, and despite his best attempts to remain aloof and submerged in his studies, Jess's friendly warmth begins to win him over.

And her smooth assertiveness makes him go a little weak in the knees.

Fic can be the courting period or smexings or whatever hits you right. If smexings, I have a thing for self-lube for omegas >>;;

Request: Dean/girl!Sam, Dean goes with Sam to Stanford au, domestic bliss, schmoop, poss. impreg?

Dean goes with Sam to college. While Sam's off becoming a hotshot lawyer, Dean gets a job at a garage. They live together in a little apartment that they just scrape by to afford, and all of Sam's friends think that she lives with her boyfriend.

And as far as Sam is concerned, she does. No one else needs to know that he's also her brother.

Take it as far as you like, up to and including them starting a family together X)

REQUEST: Any pairing, alpha-omega-flavored alternate biology?

Forget all this omega males stuff.

Give me a world without concealed ovulation, where women go into heat when they're fertile (once a month? twice a year? up to you). The Pill was invented, but it's a heat suppressant rather than a contraceptive. How is society different? How do [characters of your choice] differ?

Bonus points for keeping common alpha/omega tropes.

Re: REQUEST: Any pairing, alpha-omega-flavored alternate biology?


Re: REQUEST: Any pairing, alpha-omega-flavored alternate biology?

Ah, no promises, but hypothetically... would you be all right with Dean/girl!Cas for this?

I'm such an utter sucker for this trope.

REQUEST: Dean/Lisa, mental breakdown, substance abuse, angst

There isn't enough Lisa POV out there!

Set a few weeks after 5x22, Dean has a major mental breakdown, could involve hospitalization. Lisa struggles with her feelings for him and whether they could work things out, with him in such a dangerous and fragile state.

Bonus points if she DOES leave him in the end.

Edited at 2012-02-29 05:44 pm (UTC)

REQUEST: Castiel/Ruby

If Meg was that good, Castiel can't imagine how the demon who led Sam astray for two years and made Lucifer rise from his cage was. He decides to satisfy his curiosity because, after all, they're both in Purgatory right now. All kinks are okay except necro, non-con, and watersports/scat. I'll love you forever if there's dirty talk and Castiel can't keep his wings back while having sex.

REQUEST: Dean/girl!mermaid!Sam, possible crack?

Sam is a mermaid studying both the English and Dolphin language; Dean is trying to be cool (which is really kinda hard when he keeps on saying ridiculous things in Dolphin).

Request:Fem!Lucifer/Sam, fempreg, nephilim, Uncle!Dean, non/dubcon, forced arousal

Okay, so I once wrote a prompt in the Mpreg Meme similar to this, but I would love an even longer one- cause I just adore multi chapter fics.
Lucifer, formerly Lucifiel, has always hated humans and blamed them for her Fall, but she also envies the females of their species. Why do they get to create new life, have something that is totally their own and at the same time a gift from her Father? Now that she's free Lucifer wants to try out some things before she and Michael have to duke it out. Obviously, the only man good enough to father a child of hers would have to be her True Vessle Sam. Using her cunning, Lucifer tracks the boys down based on violent deaths and has her minions take Sam and subdue Dean.
She tries to use her 'feminine wiles', but just ends up being awkward because she doesn't have any practical experience (i.e. is a virgin like Cas) so she has a succubus come in and get Sam ready for her. She mates with Sam repeatedly and leaves a ark over the ones Cas had put in place so she could feel him in the likely event that he escaped. Her mark does not erase Cas', that would likely hurt Sam and Lucifer doesn't want that, but it does interfere to the point that she can feel himm, how he feels, and maybe what he's doing and a bit of vise versa (sympathy weight, exhaustion, giddiness, the labor).
Dean and Cas bust in and find Sam tied to the bed, debauched, and make like trees. Lucifer isn't suprised Sam escaped, isn't happy either, but she got what she wanted for the moment: she's pregnant.
I would love to see how the apocalypse went if Lucifer were a pregnant woman, and if Sam could feel that she was. Maybe have the baby be born before SwanSong, Sam would see his baby right when he is about to say yes. Sam has his epic struggle, jumps and leaves Dean broken and alone with a baby.
Bonus if Dean has serious emotional conflict over the baby because: it's Sammy's kid, but it's also Lucifer's so it could be evil, but he doesn't have anything left of Sammy, but it could be a monster like its mother so he should abandon it, but that would be cruel so he could leve it at an orphanage, but what happens when it starts showing psychic crap so etc. Basically a serious tangent about what he should do before he gives up and raises the baby.
Would love you forever if you did this for me. ^w^

That was so cute!!!! Thank you.

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